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January 23, 2013

Summer School: AP Field Hockey

You’ll struggle to find a camp these days that’s not ‘Elite’. This self-designated moniker knows no bounds across the sporting camp landscape, and field chalkboardMathhockey is particularly guilty in this realm (us included!). The term ‘Elite’ is thrown around so loosely these days, its continued casual usage is sure to render brand dilution by association.

Rather than simply label ourselves as ‘Elite’ and assume that alone is going to resonate with athletes, parents and coaches, we’re going to take a moment in this post to lay our cards on the table. Below you’ll find an outline of our camp curriculum in all its glory. We’re not reinventing the wheel; you can only drill so deep in a 3-4 day camp. Our intent here is to give you something substantive to chew on while you sift through a myriad of camp options for this coming summer. With that in mind, our focus in 2013 will be in the execution of ‘Elite’ behavior, minus the need to tell you about it. That is to say, you’ll know it when you see it.

Camp Focus: 3 Elements

Our goal at camp is to introduce you to a style of hockey that is fluid, fast and fun. To achieve this style, there are three areas that will be addressed in complimentary ways over the course of camp:

1.  Ball Control

2.  Information collection in transition and while on attack or defense

3.  Physiology

Ball control enables information collection and the ability to make aggressive decisions under pressure. Fluidity comes from training skills in a dynamic fashion, while intentionally infusing pressure as confidence grows. Playing “fast” means that we have the information necessary to make the most aggressive decision while retaining possession; or if on the defensive side of the ball, minimizing space, time and vision of the opposition. The game of field hockey requires a high level of fitness, so our training will be geared in such a way that athletes recognize effective practice work rates.

Technical Concepts

Ball control / ball position (use of peripheral vision when under pressure & pre-vision   prior to reception)

Changing angle & direction with the ball (both under and not under pressure)

Dynamic push passing from frontal position

Sweeping skills

Receiving closed & open

1v1 Individual defense

Perimeter defense (marking & intercepting)

Small Game Concepts

Holding possession (Information collection: pre-scanning/pre-vision)

2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3

Tactical Concepts

Basic outletting shape

Basic pressing shape

Counter defense structure

Set Pieces

Basic penalty corner

Free hits

January 15, 2013

2013 Registration Open

The following events are OPEN for registration:

June 24-27: Lake Forest Academy; Lake Forest, IL

July 18-21: The University of Scranton; Scranton, PA

July 24-27: Mercersburg Academy; Mercersburg, PA

July 29 – Aug. 1: Monmouth University; West Long Branch, NJ

Aug. 1-3: Charlotte Country Day School; Charlotte, NC

Aug. 3-6: Babson College; Wellesley, MA

Aug. 20-22: Riverdale Country School; Riverdale (New York), NY

Teams are recommended to make a reservation. Find out how, HERE >.

April 6, 2011




Online Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Planning System Prepares Players for Camps/Clinics;

Company Founders Are US National Women’s Field Hockey Team and University of Iowa Teammates

DENVER CO and PRINCETON NJ, – April 6.  Every1Fit (hereafter E1Fit) and Champion’s Edge Field Hockey Camps and Clinics (hereafter Champion’s Edge) signed a distributor agreement on March 31, 2011, offering Champion’s Edge players registering for camps, clinics and mini-camps, access to FieldHockey1Fitâ„ , the premier  online fitness, nutrition, and mental planning system.

E1Fit developed FieldHockey1Fit℠, one of its field sport specific programs, for youth as well as adult players and for the sport’s referees. FieldHockey1Fit℠ is being offered by Champion’s Edge as a pre-camp or pre-clinic training program with the goal of having players arrive at the camp better prepared to enjoy a better overall camp experience.

The distributor agreement represents a commitment by both companies to the field hockey player’s growth and development. Uniquely, the respective company founders, Dr. Andrea Wieland (E1Fit) and Kristen Holmes-Winn (Champion’s Edge) were teammates on the US Women’s National Field Hockey Team and at The University of Iowa.

Both companies expect players using the FieldHockey1Fit℠ program of online fitness, nutritional and mental training plans to be more focused, more fit, and more confident. “By being better prepared and focused for their camp/clinic experience,” states Champion’s Edge Business Director Matt Winn, “we expect our players will have an enhanced camp experience. It’s not enough to be choosing a camp, enrolling and showing up. There’s a preparation factor that is easily overlooked. We feel this may be one of the more critical factors in creating an optimum camper’s experience. E1Fit fills the need for preparation. Through the online program, the players will come to us better prepared and will get more out of their camp experience.”

“Traditionally campers do not prepare themselves in two vital areas: nutrition and mental readiness. We don’t view fitness as a stand-alone factor in the success of a player. By incorporating nutritional planning and mental preparation with fitness training, the Champion’s Edge players will gain an even greater edge to their performance, “ states Dr. Andrea Wieland, Chief Enthusiasm Officer of E1Fit, Olympian (1996 US Olympian, Field Hockey) and psychological performance coach.

“The goal of enabling all Champion’s Edge players to experience the benefits of the FieldHockey1Fit℠ Plan is a key to player development. We are focused on assisting developing field hockey players in achieving a higher level of success both during camp and in season,” notes Wieland. “We are excited to be a part of Champion’s Edge vision for the emerging player and look forward to a long and successful working relationship with their outstanding coaching staff.”  The E1Fit tagline sums up the cohesive efforts of both companies in signing the distributor agreement; to “Prepare for Amazing.”

About Every1Fit

Every1Fit (E1Fit for short) is a leader in providing online fitness, nutrition and mental plans to athletes, teams, referees, organizations, corporations, first responders, and individuals. Formed in 2009, it is the premier provider of sport specific programs (Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis) for youth, adults and referees for use in pre-season, off-season or pre-tournament preparation. E1Fit’s corporate-based programs, Corporate1Fit for Busy Travelers Plans and for Employees, and its General Health & Wellness Programs are recognized for complimenting a company’s existing fitness/wellness employee programs and serving as a key employee health and wellness benefit.

For more information, visit or contact Dr. Andrea Wieland at

Phone: 1-877-E1FIT-ON or 904.460.9577

Electronic logo and banner and all other media requests:

January 18, 2011

January 12, 2011

CE Director Kristen Winn Featured as an Ultimate Performance Clinician

Kristen Winn, Head Field Hockey Coach at Princeton University and one of CE’s camp summer camp directors, will be speaking Jan. 13 & 14 at the Ultimate Performance Coaching Seminar in Atlantic City, NJ.  Her topics include “All About Midfield” and “Goal Scoring”.

We’ve dropped a short clip below offering a preview of Kristen’s topic on “Goal Scoring”.  All aspects of the video production are the work of Princeton based producer and director extraordinaire, Doug Myers.

January 8, 2010

CE Partners with Shut Out School


CE has recently partnered with Shut Out School (SOS), a Northern Ireland based company that specializes in goal keeping instruction. SOS’s founder and director, David Williamson is a current CE summer camp coach and has been since 2003. Those with CE camp experience will likely recognize David as a familiar face.

Goal keeping is a technical position and it requires a great deal of attention to detail on the part of coaches and athletes. CE features goal keeping instruction at all of our camps. Partnering with SOS allows us to maintain that commitment and enhance the level of instruction as the position and sport continue to evolve.

SOS will be present at many of our 2010 camp locations. Here’s the tentative schedule:

June 12-15: Lake Forest Academy
June 17-20: University of Scranton
July 6-9: Monmouth University
July 15-18: University of Scranton
Aug. 3-6: Babson College
Aug. 9-11: Stuart Country Day
August: Riverdale Country Day School (date TBD)

Please be aware that for our 2010 events not featuring SOS, we will still be featuring proper goal keeping instruction from one of our many CE summer camp coaches.

December 1, 2009

2010 Summer Camp Registration is Open

Registration for select 2010 Summer Resident/Day camps is now open. We have many more events in the works and will be adding to our posted camp schedule periodically over the next couple of months. You can check the registration status of any event by clicking on the specific event via the Program & Events page. Specific registration details are also outlined on the Registration page.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with comments/questions.

November 17, 2009

CE Princeton Club: Winter Indoor Training 2010

Registration for CE Princeton Club’s 2010 Indoor Training Session is open. Click for information and registration details.

September 8, 2009

CE Princeton Club: Fall Training Session 2009

Registration is now open for our Fall Training Session.  The program consists of 7 training sessions open to grades 1-8.  You can find all the details here:

CE Fall Training Program

Instruction is led by Princeton University Assistant Coach, Homero Pardi.  Additional staff includes  Princeton University field hockey team members.

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