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January 23, 2013

Summer School: AP Field Hockey

You’ll struggle to find a camp these days that’s not ‘Elite’. This self-designated moniker knows no bounds across the sporting camp landscape, and field chalkboardMathhockey is particularly guilty in this realm (us included!). The term ‘Elite’ is thrown around so loosely these days, its continued casual usage is sure to render brand dilution by association.

Rather than simply label ourselves as ‘Elite’ and assume that alone is going to resonate with athletes, parents and coaches, we’re going to take a moment in this post to lay our cards on the table. Below you’ll find an outline of our camp curriculum in all its glory. We’re not reinventing the wheel; you can only drill so deep in a 3-4 day camp. Our intent here is to give you something substantive to chew on while you sift through a myriad of camp options for this coming summer. With that in mind, our focus in 2013 will be in the execution of ‘Elite’ behavior, minus the need to tell you about it. That is to say, you’ll know it when you see it.

Camp Focus: 3 Elements

Our goal at camp is to introduce you to a style of hockey that is fluid, fast and fun. To achieve this style, there are three areas that will be addressed in complimentary ways over the course of camp:

1.  Ball Control

2.  Information collection in transition and while on attack or defense

3.  Physiology

Ball control enables information collection and the ability to make aggressive decisions under pressure. Fluidity comes from training skills in a dynamic fashion, while intentionally infusing pressure as confidence grows. Playing “fast” means that we have the information necessary to make the most aggressive decision while retaining possession; or if on the defensive side of the ball, minimizing space, time and vision of the opposition. The game of field hockey requires a high level of fitness, so our training will be geared in such a way that athletes recognize effective practice work rates.

Technical Concepts

Ball control / ball position (use of peripheral vision when under pressure & pre-vision   prior to reception)

Changing angle & direction with the ball (both under and not under pressure)

Dynamic push passing from frontal position

Sweeping skills

Receiving closed & open

1v1 Individual defense

Perimeter defense (marking & intercepting)

Small Game Concepts

Holding possession (Information collection: pre-scanning/pre-vision)

2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3

Tactical Concepts

Basic outletting shape

Basic pressing shape

Counter defense structure

Set Pieces

Basic penalty corner

Free hits

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