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Custom Mini Camps

Looking for an alternative to a traditional summer camp?
Solution… Champion’s Edge Custom Mini-Camps

Key Elements of Every
Successful Team

  • Outletting
  • Pressing
  • Counter Attack Policy
  • Counter Defense Policy
  • Attack & Defense PC Options
  • Individual Skill, Fundamentals

Some Previous Participants

  • Freedom High School (PA)
  • Dallas High School (PA)
  • DuPont Manual H.S. (KY)
  • Male High School (KY)
  • Mercy High School (KY)
  • Wyoming Valley West H.S. (PA)

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Our mini-camp is 3-day, local event that specifically caters to the needs of your team or school. Our staff customizes a curriculum based on your team’s current level of play and tactical knowledge. We work to establish a common ground of communication between athletes and coaches adding to increased practice efficiency and elevated game performance in the fall. Training sessions’ incorporate individual skill, small game tactical play & full field scrimmages.


Every year we receive a number of requests from high school and middle school coaches who desire a private team training experience. Their wish for a more intimate experience is driven by several key benefits:

Mini-Camp Benefits

With your guidance, we are able to focus our instruction on a team’s specific tactical and skill deficiencies. We are able to break-down principles of attack & defense, communicate change effectively and package new concepts into a comprehensive style of play- all of which is made easy for the athletes to understand.

Optional Coach’s Education
Contact us Directly For More Details or to Book A Mini-Camp

Tel. 609-393-1197

Camp Tuition Savings
Our mini-camp is much cheaper than a traditional overnight camp. Many programs charge in excess of $400-500 per athlete per camp. Our tuition is $255 per athlete.

Eliminate Travel
Our mini-camp takes place at your school, so you avoid the aggravation associated with travel to camp. Athletes and parents save in gas or bus rental, as well as time coordinating car pools.

Pick Your Own Dates & Times
Choosing an overnight camp is a time consuming process. Research must be done on the quality of the camp and strong consideration must be given to available dates. Our mini-camp can be scheduled at any time that is best for the team. We also have flexibility when it comes to scheduling the actual training sessions and scrimmages on a given day.

Superior Camp Staff
Most camps advertise an elite level camp staff- we deliver. All of our camps feature from top to bottom, a professional group of college or international club coaches and/or current national team athletes. We do not employ college athletes as camp coaches.

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